Jean Guy Whole Flower (5g)


This Jean Guy strain from Truverra is a tribute to the Quebec-born legendary strain made famous by the Montreal Compassion Club. Jean Guy is a balanced hybrid with a pungent citrusy and woody aroma that has earned a reputation as a top-shelf strain among Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. Each Truverra strain is always whole plant hang dried and never wet trimmed. The plant is then hand polished to improve the aroma and visual appeal.

Jean Guy has a higher THC percentage compared with other whole flower offerings by Truverra, making it an ideal product for the intermediate to experienced user and those that require higher potencies to achieve therapeutic benefits.


Premium Canadian Cannabis

Hand Trimmed & Polished

Whole Plant Hang Dried

Herbicide & Pesticide Free

Helpful Information

  • Medical cannabis patients may experience the aroma and flavors of the predominant terpenes in this strain, which are Myrcene, α-Pinene, Terpinolene, Ocimene.
  • The product image and label are provided for illustrative purposes only.
  • The potency and concentration of this product may vary by batch.