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Mr. Brad Stott, a co-founder of Truverra Inc., was diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer in 2010. “At that time there was very little research being done in this field,” Brad commented. Inspired by his own success, an approach that included diet, specialized supplements, exercise, and cannabinoid therapy, Mr. Stott became passionate about scientific developments in cannabinoid and terpene R&D. He is now leading partnership initiatives for Truverra
Inc. in Canada, liaising with academic institutions and patient advocacy groups as well as government to bring Truverra’s name and research ambitions to the fore.

Truverra (Europe) BV is pleased to announce the launch of its higher-quality Cannabidiol (CBD) portfolio of Supplements, Medical Devices, and Cosmetics in the UK and Netherlands – all of these extracted from Certified prime quality European hemp. (Cannabis Sativa L). In addition to its ‘made in Europe’ approach, many of these formulations have been developed to ensure consumers receive the maximum potential from their CBD products by utilizing a liposomal delivery system that allows a higher percentage of CBD to reach the endocannabinoid system in a shorter period of time.

Dr. Colin Jennison, a former organic chemistry professor at Ryerson University and VP of Laboratory Operations for Truverra Inc, stated, “there are over 140 cannabinoids and over 200 terpenes that have been discovered in the past 50 years. We are only beginning to understand the ways that these remarkable compounds interact with the body and how they can help in a wide range of medical conditions. More research is needed in this exciting area and Truverra is pleased to be at the forefront of this effort with like-minded partners in Europe.”

Over the coming months, Truverra plans to open up its product range to other countries.