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The world is currently facing a period of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A vast range of the world’s leading countries including America, Spain and Italy, are currently on lockdown in an attempt to try and stop this contagious virus from spreading at the rate it has been.

Over recent weeks, COVID-19 has taken a firm grip on the UK, with cases continuing to rise and the NHS beginning to feel the strain. With public anxiety at breaking point, the British government has now put in place a number of restrictions for the foreseeable future. It was announced that schools will close, people will work from home where possible and the country may be put on lockdown, mirroring the action taken by neighbouring countries.

As thousands of people across the nation face the prospect of self-isolation and the reality of a potential country wide lockdown, it has left many feeling anxious and wondering when this period of unrest will come to an end.

Here at Truverra, we know that health and environmental issues can cause many people to feel a sense of anxiety. Our recent study “Does the UK suffer from eco-anxiety” looked at this in more detail, and with the current situation the UK is in, we know this has the potential to make people feel more concerned.

During a period of isolation, many people will feel their mental and physical health will suffer, but it’s important to put this at the forefront of your priorities. Keeping levels of anxiety low by looking after your overall wellness will mean you can stay relaxed, focused and embrace the situation you’re in.

To help you stay focused and look after your overall wellness during this period of uncertainty, we wanted to share some ways in which you can look after your wellbeing from within the comfort of your own home.

Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness as a whole covers a broad spectrum of factors, but it’s the perfect way to relax and lower your levels of anxiety. Mindfulness allows us to take a moment to focus on our feelings, thoughts and the world around us and can be done through meditation, yoga or other similar methods.

In today’s world, many people like to practice mindfulness through the use of an app on their smartphone. Whilst listening to the app, a therapist or similar professional will talk you through a range of techniques, which will focus on your breathing, thoughts and other factors.

Mindfulness is the perfect way to support your mental wellbeing, but it’s important to stick at it and not let it become a one-off occurrence.

Create a home workout

Many of the UK’s population will frequently attend the gym or exercise classes and this may soon not be an option. Just because you don’t have gym equipment in your home, doesn’t mean you can’t keep fit and exercise regularly.

We all know the endless variety of videos available on YouTube and this includes those created by personal trainers, specifically for home workouts. Whether it’s doing bodyweight squats, lunges or cardio exercises; there are plenty of alternatives in case you find yourself having to give the gym or exercise class a miss over the coming weeks.

Many studies have linked exercise to having positive effects on your mental health, which only strengthens the importance of maintaining your normal exercise routine whilst in isolation.

Don’t get caught up in social media

When experiencing a large amount of free time, we often find ourselves scrolling through social media. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important not to let social media take over your life or find yourself using it more than you normally would.

Social media often displays bold and worrying headlines from newspapers, which aren’t always true and will only make you feel more anxious. It’s important to limit the amount of time spent on social media, especially around the time you go to bed.

Anxiety can often cause sleep problems and at a time where you may already be feeling anxious or concerned, a good night’s sleep is essential.

With the UK facing an uncertain period ahead, it’s inevitable that anxiety levels are going to rise. By following the steps we’ve mentioned and more, you can help to create a positive mindset and stay calm during the road ahead.

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